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We help find the best open source softwares on the Internet for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also learn more about Ubuntu Linux, and download the original version for free. We will keep our site updated, so don`t forget to favorite it. All software listed on this website may be used freely under the open source license.

What is Open Source ?

Open source refers to FREE software that is created by a development community rather than a single vendor. Typically programmed by volunteers from many organizations, the source code of open source software is free and available to anyone who would like to use it or modify it for their own purposes. This allows an organization to add a feature itself rather than hope that the vendor of a proprietary product will implement its suggestion in a subsequent release.

In short  "Open source software is free software for everyone"

For more information concerning open source please visit www.opensource.org

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All suggestions can be mailed at  ose@ftpshell.com

Is it really free?

YES! Every bit of it is free! All of the software listed on this website is free to download, share or modify. For more details regarding the license, please visit the developers website.

Are you using pirated software?

With open source software there is no reason to use pirated software. There are thousands of open alternatives to do exactly what you need.

Using pirated software is against the law. Why not just get a free program that does the same job for free? They are usually of the same quality or at times even better.

We will prove it 

We are here to help you attain the best of technology with open source software. Everything on this site is absolutely free and in fact better than most proprietary software available on the Internet for ridiculous prices. Open source has expanded its wings far enough to satisfy the needs of millions of users around the globe, you can be a part of this vast community.

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