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Why Bother?  

Good question. Why would you want to try Linux when you are a happy Windows user? Here are just a few reasons:
  • It’s 100% free and always will be
  • Thousands of applications are immediately avaliable and 100% free
  • No more virus, spyware, or malware hassles!
  • You want to learn something new (this was my reason)
  • It’s cool
  • Why not?
If any of those reasons are compelling, or at least good enough, Linux is worth giving a shot. Who knows, you might actually like it!

You don't have to reformat your hard drive to give Ubuntu a try. There's a live CD that won't affect your Windows installation (From the Ubuntu CD case: Note that a Live CD is much slower than the fully installed Ubuntu system, but allows you to test Ubuntu without affecting your existing software). You can also set up a dual-boot whereby you can choose whether to boot into Windows or Ubuntu.

Is Ubuntu for You?

First of all, keep in mind that any OS will have its hardware limitations. People have endless arguments about why Linux doesn't support absolutely everything. It does come close, but there are some gaps.

There are many Linux equivalents for Windows software, but not for everything. Linux often has more variety, and some programs are even better in Linux.

You will be suprised by how easy and painless the installation and user interface is. Dont believe me? go check it out your self.

Free Price
Does the lack of having to pay for something (software, OS, or even shipping) appeal to you? Maybe Ubuntu is for you. Of course, if you want to donate and you have the money, go for it.

Free Software
The software is also not proprietary. In practical terms that means you don't have to enter an activation code or limit how many computers you can install the software on. And if you're a programmer, you can even modify the code.

Ubuntu's community is amazing. We even put up with trolls and Linux-haters. You'll find the vast majority of users here are knowledgeable, supportive, responsive, and patient. There are a lot of HowTo's as well and some good links.

Not Windows
Do you want an OS that's Windows without the spyware? Linux isn't for you. Linux is not Windows. Linux can perform tasks that Windows can perform and even more, but it is not Windows. If you can't come with an open mind to Linux, then don't come at all. It's kind of like going from Windows to Mac. There's a learning curve. If you don't have time to learn, just cough up some money for anti-virus and learn more about securing your Windows computer. I've done it. It's not that hard. If you want to complain about the first thing that goes wrong, don't even bother, because I know you'll complain even if nothing goes wrong. You have to have a positive attitude.

However, if you can get past all that and say, "Yes, I do want a free OS. I don't mind copying and pasting a few commands in the beginning. I want something stable and a little bit different. I don't mind learning things and being part of a supportive and fun community," then dive in! The water is nice. Ubuntu can be a wonderful experience.

So are you ready ? lets go !

Here are some links that will walk you through the installation proceedure.


Switching To Ubuntu From Windows

Switching To Ubuntu From MacOSX

Documentation for Ubuntu 

Good luck!